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YG032Q pneumatic bursting strength tester
    It is used to measure the expansion properties of various kinds of textiles, nonwoven materials, leather and so on.
    GB/T7742.2-2005、FZ/T60019、FZ/T01030、ISO 13938.1、ASTMD3786、JIS L1018.6.17 and so on
    1. The air pressure method is used to meet the new national standard.
    2. Pneumatic clamping, clamping uniform, and adjustable clamp pressure to avoid slipping or damage to the sample, easy to use.
    3. Touch screen control, simple and easy to understand interface, easy to operate, touch sensitive.
    4. The test cover is a high transparent organic glass with a built-in LED lamp, which can clearly observe the test process of the sample. It is magnetite to absorb and install, and it is convenient to replace and disassemble.
    5. Automatic induction blasting system is sensitive and reliable.
    6. AC servo drive system with precision pressure pump, smooth pressure, wide range of application.
    7. With high speed AD and processor, the sampling frequency is high and the precision of the test is high.
    8. The instrument with its own thermal printer can directly print reports and support working with professional computer software.
    9. Test methods: four kinds of testing methods: speed, fixed pressure, timing and fixed expansion.
    10. The sample clamp and clamping method: the specimen holding surface is a special tooth shape clip surface, automatic pneumatic clamping, and the clamping force and bursting force of the sample are on the same axis.

    Instrument range


    Pressure precision


    High precision of expansion


    Test area


    Maximum expansion

    70mm; accuracy: 0.01mm

    Pressure unit


    Power Supply

    AC20V 50Hz 200W

    Shape size



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