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YG831D universal stretch & recovery tester
    Test for transverse and longitudinal extension performance of various types of socks.
    FZ/T 73001-2008  stocking
    1. Chinese menu operation, load pulling force, stretching speed, clamping distance free setting.
    2. Report and curve print, support online communication.

    Testing method

    Measuring the elongation of stockings when the load is specified according to the principle of CRE.

    Force measuring system

    Resistance strain measuring force sensor

    Force range


    Test accuracy


    Sampling length

    100-500mm (Arbitrary setting)

    Stretching speed

    100~2500mm/min (Digital setting)

    Data processing

    ≤1000 times test

    Power Supply

    AC220V 50HZ 250W

    Shape size




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