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YG401G martindale abrasion & pilling tester
    For the determination of woven fabric, knitted fabric, fleece fabric, coating fabric and non-woven fabric abrasion resistance and pilling properties and surface changes.
    Wear-resisting: GB/T 21196.2、GB/T 13775、ISO 12947、ISO 17704、ISO 5470-2、ASTM D4966、IWS TM 112、BS 2543、BS 3424-24、BS 5690、BS 8428、M﹠S P19、Next 18、SN 198529、TWC 112、JIS L1096
    Pilling: GB/T 4802.2、ISO 129+45-2、ASTM D4970、IWS TM 196、M﹠S P17、Next TM26、SN 198525
    1. There are three modes of movement:
    Pattern 1. enveloping surface is 24 x 24mm Li Sharu (Lissajous) graphic trajectory
    Pattern 2. enveloping surface is 60 x 60mm Li Sharu (Lissajous) graphic trajectory
    Pattern 3. The linear motion trajectory of mode three and 100mm
    2. Two kinds of counting methods, positive counting and counting way.
    3. The design of the free turning guide plate is not necessary to move.
    4. PLC module control, seven inch color touch screen, English double menu operation.
    5. Brushless motor drive, smooth operation without noise.
    6. The key components, such as the grinding head and the heavy hammer, are made of high quality 316 stainless steel.
    7. Imported needle roller bearings, reduce the friction force of the guide bar. Each table is numerically controlled by a CNC grinding machine to ensure that each station is in the same plane, ensuring the consistency of the test results in each station.
    Number of workshops 9
    Counting range
    0~999999 times
    Maximum range
    Mass of pressurized matter
    a、Gripper:198±2g,b、Material hammer of clothing material:395±2g,c、Furniture ornament sample heavy hammer:594±2g,d、B Gripper:155±1 g,e、Stainless steel sphenoid:260±1g
    Effective friction diameter of grinding block
    A 198g(1.96N) Friction head   Φ28.65 ±0.05mm;B  155g(1.52N)  Friction head    Φ90 ±0.10mm
    Relative motion speed of gripper and grinding platform
    50±2r/min(30-70r/min Adjustable
    Mass of sample pressure hammer
    Shape size
    Power Supply
    AC220V  50Hz  500W
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