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YG401E-4 martindale abrasion & pilling tester
    For the determination of woven fabric, knitted fabric, fleece fabric, coating fabric and nonwoven fabric abrasion resistance and pilling properties and surface changes.
    GB/T 21196、GB/T 4802.2、GB/T 13775、FZ/T 20020、ISO 12945-2、ISO 12947
    ASTM D 4966、ASTM D 4970、ASTM D 3886、JIS L 1096、IWS Tm196/ TM112
    1. The standard Lissajous curve.

    Wear resistance curve Pilling curve
    2. The heavy hammer and key components are made of 304 stainless steel, with beautiful appearance and durable.
    3. Display the use of touch screen, the interface is simple and easy to understand, easy to operate, touch sensitive.
    4. Linear slideway sliding, brushless motor drive, PI control algorithm speed control, so that the instrument runs smoothly and the noise is low.
    5. This instrument is operated for no pole speed regulation, and the customer is free to set speed according to the test requirements.
    6. The user can set up the required mode of work according to the needs, and the instrument has a variety of options:
    Counting mode: add count, reduce count.
    Operation mode: "common" and "sub".
    Total: the number and count of all the workplaces are unified.
    Points: the number and count of the station setting are independent.
    Workstation 4
    Counting range
    0~999999 times
    Maximum range
    Mass of pressurized matter
    a、Gripper:198±2g,b、Material hammer of clothing material:395±2g,c、Furniture ornament sample heavy hammer:594±2g,d、B Gripper:155±1 g,e、Stainless steel sphenoid:260±1g
    Effective friction diameter of grinding block
    A 198g(1.96N) Friction head   Φ28.65 ±0.05mm aggravated pressure 12KPa;B  155g(1.52N)  Friction head    Φ90 ±0.10mm aggravated pressure 9KPa
    Relative motion speed of gripper and grinding platform
    50±2r/min(Internal adjustment)
    Mass of sample pressure hammer
    Shape size
    Power Supply
    AC220V  50Hz  100W
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