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SHA-C water bath constant temperature vibrator

    It is used to analyze the fiber content, formaldehyde content, PH value and chemical analysis in laboratory.

    1, Stainless steel products Gaby 5cm higher for large capacity test tubes, flasks.
    2, Double digital display: speed, temperature display at the same time.
    3, Spring cup holder, can be suitable for different specifications of the flask.

    Heating power
    Temperature range
    Normal temperature ~100 (℃) ± 1 (℃)
    The oscillation form
    The oscillation frequency
    The oscillation amplitude
    220V 50HZ
    Motor power
    140W (running without noise)
    Double digital display
    speed, temperature display at the same time
    Mode of speed regulation
    stepless speed regulation
    Working size
    50 x 40 x 18cm
    The shape size
    70 x 52 x 53cm

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