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MB500 water bath constant temperature vibrator

    It is used to analyze the fiber content, formaldehyde content, PH value and chemical analysis in laboratory.

    1, Man-machine interface: liquid crystal display, film panel, menu operation, the end of the test or fault peak toot tips.
    2, Refrigeration mode: imported compressor.
    3, Protection function: internal water level device with anti dry function.
    4, Control modes: automatic temperature control program.

    Temperature range
    5-99.9 ℃
    ± 1 ℃
    Test time
    0-9999min arbitrarily set
    can set positive, countdown two ways
    The oscillation frequency
    40-250 / min stepless speed regulation
    The number of cups
    The shape size
    1120 x 570 x 330mm

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